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Sat & Sun 26/27 March, 2022 -The Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon


An amazing and inspiring residential weekend at the beautiful Blue Boar Hotel, Maldon under the expert guidance and instruction of Brooks Williams email Nicola@mactheatre.co.uk for all details.

Brooks Williams is a Cambridge UK-based, Statesboro, Georgia US-born guitarist, singer and songwriter.  With over 30-plus recordings and 30-plus years of touring, Williams is named one of WUMB-FM Boston’s Top 100 All-Time Artists and is listed in the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists.

A well-respected teacher whose guitar masterclasses are highly regarded, topics have included Americana guitar, blues guitar and slide guitar, all stemming from American roots music, folk and blues.  It’s a warm, friendly and informal atmosphere of concentrated playing and tuition led by Brooks who encourages both creative and inspiring play.  A regular and popular event at this time of year email Nicola@mactheatre.co.uk to book your place. 

BARRIE JAIMESON – new thriller

Death at The Queen’s Head

Author and Artistic Director of macTheatre Barrie Jaimeson has recently released his gritty new thriller “Death at The Queen’s Head”.

Barrie Jaimeson (photo: Jansen Van Dok)

When Alex Sowter, bar manager of the riverside pub is discovered horribly slaughtered on the terrace of The Queen’s Head, newly returned detective sergeant, Anne Edwards, is charged with discovering not only who killed him but why.

Does it have any link to a death seven years previously?  Will there be more murders?

And who is the strange man in the hooded sweatshirt?

Assistant manager, Charlotte Tibbs, now forced to take over the running of the pub, along with relatively new employee, Ben Matthews, also become embroiled in the search for the truth.

Barrie Jaimeson’s Books on Kindle or Paperback here:-


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Recorded & produced remotely during lockdown by Rhys Timson